Not so bad as we thought! Correction to earlier news

We are informed that the BUCS web site has got it wrong – West Lothian College First did not beat Heriot-Watt Men’s Fifths 4 – 2 yesterday – it was the other way round. If that is right, it’s a superb victory for the Fifths over a side which played well against the Fourths in a recent fixture and which was expected to be a strong contender to win Division 6B. The points lift the Fifths above Watt Sixths at the foot of the table and leave them just three points behind both West Lothian First and Edinburgh Napier University Third, with a visit to Ainslie Park to play the Napier side next up for the Watt lads on the 24th of January.

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No EoSFL fixture this weekend, but the others have it tough

The Watt First team has the weekend off – and next weekend too, unless for a late fixture rearrangement – but the Under-20 side will face really tough games on both Fridays. Tomorrow evening (1st of December), the visitors to Riccarton will be University of Stirling. Stirling made a slow start to the season, but since their squad has taken full shape has become a much tougher proposition, as is shown by 5 – 1 victories over both Edinburgh University and Whitehill Welfare during November.

There is still a certain inconsistency in the Stirling results, as is shown by a surprising home defeat on Monday by Edinburgh City, but there is no doubt that they are dangerous opponents and a good performance from the Watt will be needed.

There are concerns about the Reserves, who have had catastrophic defeats in their last two LEAFA matches. This Saturday, there is a fixture which looks much more difficult, against high-flying Queensferry Athletic.

The same comments as appear in the last post concerning BUCS football apply equally to the Reserves – the side is being badly let down by players who have had the benefit of everything the Club has to offer over the last two or three seasons, but now that they are asked to play in LEAFA games, they don’t fancy it.

The Club will never progress to a level of LEAFA which is more appealing to the players if the best of those available refuse to participate at the level at which we currently have to compete. Edinburgh University has done just that and is a regular member of the Premier Division. We need to progress at least to the Championship Division, but at the moment, we look more likely to slip into the Intermediate Division. This is a disgrace – before the two recent defeats, the Heriot-Watt side in Lothian West had lost only once and was well placed to make a drive for promotion. It was at this juncture that the prima donnas in the Club decided this level wasn’t good enough for them and withdrew from the contest. We now see the consequences of this.

This is a public plea for the players concerned – and they know who they are – to put something back into the Club that has given them so much and to get back to training and playing – to the best standard they can – to help the Watt gain the points it needs at least to stabilise in its current division. Come on, lads – be worthy of being called Watt men and do something to repay what the Club has given you over the years of your membership.

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Firsts drive on in BUCS, but it’s a dreadful day for the others

Heriot-Watt Men’s Firsts yesterday kept up the promotion drive at the top of Division 2A with a 2 – 0 victory over University of Stirling Third. Stirling sought to unsettle the Watt lads by choosing to play the game on the small grass pitch at the top of the hill on Airthrey Campus, close to the golf clubhouse. This strategy worked to a degree and the game was a peculiar, disjointed one full of mistakes on both sides, with good football at a premium, but substitute Matthew Law gave the Watt three more vital points with two goals late in the match.

That win apart, it was a day to forget for Watt Men’s football, with all of the other four sides in action defeated. This was to a large extent the result of players declaring themselves unavailable due to impending exams and other work-related factors, but the results on the day show clearly that other institutions have players who can plan their time to get the work done and still leave time for sport. The Watt players must learn this lesson immediately or see their good work at other times of the season go up in smoke. It is simply impossible to maintain the standard of a team when player after player calls off.

The Thirds, who have been going well in Division 5B, were so stretched that defender George Cates had to play in goal against University of Stirling Fifth as the team, weakened by multiple withdrawals, was thrashed 7 – 0. The blame for results like this rests not with the lads who have made the trip and suffered to enable the Club to fulfil its commitments, but with those who have let their team-mates down by failing to organise themselves well enough to balance the requirements of study and sport. This will not apply to all those who called off – we recognise that it’s a Higher Education institution and there can be times when the most dedicated player has to withdraw from a squad when the pressure of work is at its greatest – but this should be the rare exception, not a general rule. As we said earlier, players at the institutions whose teams are whipping ours at these times seem to be able to manage it.

Both the Fourths and the Fifths, against Edinburgh Napier Third and West Lothian College First respectively, lost 4 – 2. The Fourths weren’t heavily beaten, but a home defeat by a team which had previously won only once is deeply disappointing and may have cost the Fourths their chance of promotion from Division 6B, especially as their main rivals, University of Edinburgh Sixth, inflicted the heaviest beating of all on the Watt Sixths, a 9 – 0 humping at Peffermill. Watt sides now occupy the bottom two places in Division 5B, with the Fifths still without a point, although their relatively narrow defeat by West Lothian College First, a smart and capable side, was actually the second-best result of the day.

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